Terms + Conditions 2021

Covid Protocol
Alameda Boys & Girls Club’s first priority is the safety and health of our attendees, sponsors, entertainers, production crew, volunteers, and staff. We are working closely with our venue and the Health Department to ensure that Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews in October will be a fun and entertaining experience that is safe for everyone. As such, all attendees will be required to abide by our COVID-19 Protocol, which will evolve as we get closer to the event and may include any or all of the following measures: liability waivers, face coverings, social distancing, non-invasive temperature checks, testing, or proof of vaccination. Alameda Boys & Girls Club reserves the right to modify and add requirements at its sole discretion. We will update this page with those protocols as we get closer to the event. Cooperation with published health and safety protocols on-site will be required to enter and participate in the event.

Other Terms & Conditions
Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews
is authorized to reserve space for our use in the Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews event in Alameda on October 2, 2021. Signature constitutes company agreement to abide by the cancellation policy and all other rules and policies stated in this registration fact sheet. Registration and booth space will not be confirmed until registration is received.

I also understand that my company/company representatives may be filmed and photographed during the event and I give Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews permission to do so and grant to Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews the absolute and irrevocable right and unrestricted permission concerning any photographs. I understand that all footage is the property and rights of Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews and agree that I/my company will not receive any compensation for the use of any images or likeness in the filming or airing of Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews. Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews reserves the right to use all recipes, photos, and biographies in promotional materials including, but not limited to, the official website, advertising and marketing collateral, to use, reuse, publish, and republish the photographs in whole or in
part, individually or in connection with other material, in any and all media now or hereafter known, including the internet, and for any purpose whatsoever, specifically including illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, and trade, without restriction as to alteration; and to use my name/company name in connection with any use Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews so chooses.

I/my company releases and discharges Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews from any and all claims and demands that may arise out of or in connection with the use of the photographs, biographies, or recipes, including without limitation any and  all claims for libel or violation of any right of publicity or privacy. This authorization and release shall also inure to the benefit of the heirs, legal representatives, licensees, and assigns of Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews, as well as the person(s) for whom Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews took the photographs. I am a legally competent adult and have the right to contract in my own and my company’s name. I have read this document and fully understand its contents. This release shall be binding upon me, my company, my heirs, legal representatives, and assigns.

Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews reserves the right to refuse service to any individual or company. All terms and regulations for Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews are subject to change, and all final decisions regarding terms of regulations are at the discretion of Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews Management.

All wine, beer, spirits, and/or food is donated and you are responsible to transport your product to the event unless other arrangements have been made with Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews Management. We are not responsible for missing wine or product at the event; your product is your responsibility.

INSURANCE: Exhibitor and exhibitor display contractor(s) shall maintain Comprehensive General Liability Insurance and Personal Injury coverage for all Exhibitor’s activities at the show, all at Exhibitor’s sole cost and expense. Policy limits shall be at least $1,000,000/$1,000,000 Bodily Injury and Property Damage combined. Exhibitor and exhibitor display contractor(s) shall also maintain, at their sole cost and expense, Workers Compensation Insurance for employees participating in the show. Evidence of insurance coverage in the form of a valid Certificate of Insurance specifying that coverage include activities at the show must be provided to Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews prior to move-in and exhibiting. Exhibitor warrants that Exhibitor has and shall have insurance complying with these insurance requirements and with such other requirements as may be in the Rules & Regulations. Evidence of insurance coverage in the form of a valid certificate of insurance must be supplied to Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews before move-in and exhibiting.